For the Interim… in Starke County!

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I am delighted to announce that Amy J. Paget & Associates has been selected to provide interim leadership for the Starke County Public Library system centered in Knox, Indiana.  I began work in Knox on Friday July 14. Interim work requires holding the organization in trust for the new leadership team, supporting the staff in […]

Celebrate my TCPL Tenure, April 12, 2017

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  ASSISTANT COUNTY LIBRARIAN AMY PAGET RETIRES. Lafayette, IN – Friday, March 24, 2017 – The Tippecanoe County Public Library (TCPL) announces the retirement of long-time employee Amy Paget. Amy’s 25-year career at TCPL began in 1991 at the Albert A. Wells Memorial Library. In 2004 Amy became the Assistant County Librarian. Additional responsibilities over […]


As spring is upon us, there are many opportunities for reflection through walking.  Here’s an article from TIME magazine to whet your whistle.  It contains a brief overview of the best writing on walking, something you could save for rainy or wintry days. Walking is also an excellent business/mentoring tool.  It’s good for individuals who […]

The Topology of Contemplation

I’ve discovered this wonderful topology for contemplation.  It comes from The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society is a non-profit organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts that works to transform higher education by supporting and encouraging the use of contemplative/introspective practices and perspectives to create active learning and research environments. Its current […]

Fasting to Feasting

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I love this approach to LENT… Lent is a time for fasting but also a season for joyous feasting! During Lent, the Church calls on us to fast from certain things and feast on others. For example: Fast from judging others…feast on Christ dwelling in them. Fast from emphasis on differences…feast on the unity of […]

The Writers’ Retreat!

Kudos to the New York Times Book Review and to artist Grant Snider who prepared this delightfully irreverent look at the Writer’s retreat.     As we reflect on this humorous piece, I expect that we can all draw analogies to our own professions.   I can help with the sorting out of your career […]

Every Day Learning and Digital Learning

  I am very impressed by the range of life skills offerings on this site funded by the Goodwill Community Foundation.  Among the features are a ‘typing tutorial’, something that is hard to find these days.  The launch page is very well organized enabling you to select from a scroll of new features, find the […]

Education, Learning and Libraries – Join OCLC’s webinars, August 14 & 15

I’ve been privileged to see some early research results from this study and I want to highly recommend both reading the report and attending the webinars.  There is much to learn about the future of learning and alignment and allegiances for all library types and for those generally involved in education of any type. Join […]

Appreciation is Empowering, Contagious

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I received this lovely note and gift card from St. John’s Episcopal Church thanking me for this year’s series of Quiet Days.  It made me think about the value of appreciation and gratitude. Acts of appreciation and gratitude not only honor and empower the recipient, they enable the giver to grow in happiness and fulfillment. […]

Happy 4th!

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We celebrated the 4th of July at St. John’s Episcopal Church with the following readings in 2008. All worth repeating. The Declaration of Independence Reading #1 In Congress, July 4, 1776, THE UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF THE THIRTEEN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to […]


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