My work with faith-based communities has been primarily based in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition. I am proficient and comfortable leading work in other Christian and in other faith traditions. I am active in a local Taizé community that crosses denominations and I have also worked with Buddhist, Bahá’í and new age faith expressions.

Quiet Day programs

For the past 7 years, I have developed, coordinated and led a series of “Quiet Days” at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette Indiana. I am prepared to present quiet day programs in your community on any of the following topics:

  • Advent
  • A Banquet of Spiritual Practices
  • Christian Meditation
  • The Desert Elders
  • Exploring Labyrinths/Celebrating World Labyrinth Day
  • Lent
  • Meeting God in Nature
  • Metta Meditation
  • Prayer Journaling, Prayer Walking
  • Praying with the Body
  • The Call of Silence

I always have new programs in development.  Just ask me!   I am also prepared to develop specific programs tailored to your community and/or to train your staff/volunteers in launching and delivering these adult spiritual formation programs.

Library Development for Congregations, Retreat Centers, Summer Camps

As a librarian, I know well how reading, viewing, listening and learning can build community life.  I can help you revive your congregation’s moribund library (Yep… The one that is sitting in a corner.)!   I can train your staff or volunteers to continue this ministry.  I can recommend collections and help you find locations in your building(s) that invite members to integrate reading into their lives and your mission.

Congregational Wellness Facilitation

I received congregational wellness advocate certification in November 2014.

The Living Compass notes that “wellness ministries are an ideal way to enhance congregational vitality. The Living Compass Faith & Wellness Ministry, grounded in Scripture and the tradition of the Church, provides resources, coaching, education, training, and support to individuals, families, and congregations as they seek to enhance their vitality and to live the abundant life God intends for them. Living Compass helps congregations offer ministries of wholeness and wellness to their members, as well as to people in their surrounding communities”.

I am available to facilitate/deliver wellness workshops on the following topics:

  • Foregivness
  • Grief
  • Spiritual Practices


Reflective Practice Retreats for Groups or Individuals

Building regular reflective practice on a personal and vocational level can be the key to individual and community growth.  I will match recommended practices with you and/or your community’s personal style, always providing options from which to choose.  Each retreat will be individually designed based on a needs analysis with you, the client.  Send me an inquiry!


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