Personal Library Management/Disposition

Is your home or personal library/filing system out of control?  Are books piled in stacks and unfindable? Do you want to keep your important information at your fingertips?  I will bring all into good order and show you how to maintain an organized collection/system that you will enjoy and profit from for years to come.

Is it time to dispose of your library?  I will help you/your estate with this difficult task meeting your financial or distribution goals.

Career mentoring for LIS and Development professionals

Does your job search strategy need refinement? Do you need an objective and professional review of your resume? Where are the best leads? The best positions? I can help find answers to any of those questions and more!

Personal Learning Network Development

Whether for life-long learning or for professional accreditation, I can help you develop a dynamic online professional or personal learning network and give you the tools and strategies to learn with your network and keep it up to date.  For more information about OPLNs, look here.  For what we might do together, send me an inquiry!

Reflective Practice Coaching

Building regular reflective practice on a personal and vocational level can be the key to individual and community growth.  I will match recommended practices with you and/or your community’s personal style, always providing options from which to choose.  Each session will be individually designed based on a needs analysis with you, the client.  An on-going service may also be arranged.   Send me an inquiry!

Digital Literacy Coaching

Make the most of your technology! Whether you are a senior with a ‘new gadget’ you wish to master, or a researcher seeking to improve their searching strategies, I can help you directly or make a referral to another coach.


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