Communication audits

I will review your current communications practices, identify any key audience gaps, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your communications plan and suggest untapped areas of potential.  I will make recommendations for increased effectiveness.

Outcome Measurement Designs

How do you measure your success from your customers’ perspective?   I can help you evaluate your current metrics and draw from various international and national systems to tailor metrics for your organization that are accurate, effective, easy to use, and that demonstrate your organization’s impact in your community.

Staff Day Presentations

Strategic planning, program development, customer service, or reflective practices are among the topics I can present to your staff.  Got something else in mind?  Send me an inquiry!

 User Experience Audits

I can provide an experienced and objective set of eyes to look at your facilities, policies and operations from your customers’ perspective.  I can also arrange for targeted or on-going anonymous ‘secret shopper’ programs which will enable you to meet your communications and service targets.

Staff Training for Development

Is your organization new to fund raising?   I can provide various levels of staff training and awareness to get you started.


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